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FUTUREPROOF: Creating an Operational Infrastructure to Match Your Ambition




Insights on Hedge Fund Managers' Data Sets, Systems and Hosting Decisions

For forward-thinking hedge funds and investment managers, the roles of
the engineering, IT and operations teams are evolving from cost-center
support functions to value-generating business contributors. Advancements in technology and smart outsourcing models have freed up precious time and talent for many firms, driving greater capacity to focus on
understanding markets, solving for the biggest business problems and
ultimately delivering alpha.

But how exactly does a savvy manager unlock the full potential of their
technology and teams?

Hedge fund managers, and investment managers in general, are presented
with a seemingly endless array of operational technology solutions,
while the cloud and various service models make it easy for even the
newest firms to get up and running alongside established juggernauts.

Today more than ever, creating an operational infrastructure that works
best for your business requires many complex decisions.

To make these decisions easier, we've surveyed 56 hedge fund managers across multiple geographies, AUM tiers, and strategies to understand how they are managing their data sets, systems, and hosting decisions.

Read our report below to benchmark what other firms are doing and plan your own path towards operational excellence.

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