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Replay: Managing Multi-Asset Complexity

November 4 & 5



Event Details

Date & Time

Thursday, November 4:

8:00 AM GMT | 4:00 PM HKT


Friday, November 5:

8:00 AM EDT | 12:00 PM GMT



In 30 minutes, see how Enfusion may help to meet your needs of managing investment portfolios that have a range of asset types.
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Portfolio management and trading technology simplified with Enfusion.

Struggling with the limitations of your equity- or fixed income-focused technology solution when it comes to trading multi-asset class strategies?

See a better way in action.

In just 30 minutes, learn how to:

  • Eliminate your reliance on disparate, disconnected specialist systems
  • Accelerate trading with an embedded industry-standard security master 
  • Calculate pricing and valuations for existing and new instruments on the fly
  • Assess portfolio risk across different strategies

All this and more is possible with Enfusion. Our front-to-back office platform was designed from inception to be asset class agnostic - no funky workarounds needed. Plus, with one golden data set at the core, across portfolio management, accounting, and trading, you can reduce operational risk to focus on alpha generation.


Richard Pascoe

Vice President, Solutions Engineering


Jeremy Skaling

Director of Strategic Marketing


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