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FUTUREPROOF: Building systems for speed and scale




Operational Infrastructure Decisions Among Hedge Fund Managers

In this third and final chapter of the FUTUREPROOF report, we explore how hedge fund managers are hosting and managing their operating systems. In designing an operational systems infrastructure, hedge fund managers face many critical decisions about their internal needs and capabilities, third party solutions’ functionality, how to connect disparate systems, and more.

Here we study where managers in different regions and size brackets choose to host their systems, and which particular systems get hosted where. We also touch upon the important role that outsourcing plays in helping managers streamline their operational structure.

To determine our findings, we surveyed 56 hedge fund managers across multiple geographies, AUM tiers, and strategies to understand current industry opinions, trends, and sentiments.

Read on to learn about the data management challenges firms experience, and how they address them through process and technology investments.

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